The upcoming month will be the last month of autumn, and it will witness the start of winter. You can welcome the second last month with our November 2022 Calendar Template. The eleventh month will bring two federal and two shopping events. Thanksgiving Day is also about shopping. But Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the actual shopping events when the corporate offer hefty discounts on most of the products and services. All these offers aim to accelerate the sales of their services and products. If you are one of them, you can distribute the Printable November 2022 Calendar as a gift. There are a lot of historical moments of the United States associated with November. It’s a mix of pleasant and sad moments. But when it comes to taking lessons and code of conduct from history, both types of events are equally fruitful. You can mark the November 2022 Calendar with the first issue of the ‘New York Weekly Journal,’ the first transcontinental flight across America, a pro-slavery mob attacked and killed American abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy, Carl Stokes became the first African-American mayor in the United States, and all these took place in November.


Here we are offering Calendar For November 2022 in various designs and styles. It will help you choose a monthly task planner that can fulfill your requirement. If you are a student, time management is not so chaotic. Though all educational institutes provide an academic calendar, you will need a timeline to copy all the academic and personal activities. The Blank November 2022 Calendar will give you the space to note all your own educational and social tasks and events in one place to handle all these things with more accuracy and less effort. It is important to note that the days that depend on the lunar timeline may differ from those listed in the Monthly November 2022 Calendar. As you may know, the Muslims and Jews follow lunar calendars for their religious practices and festivals. Therefore, it is always doubtful to expect the exact date of the occurrence of their religious events. It means you cannot predict the precise time a month ago. It will be confirmed with the new moon. So always ready for a one-day shift in the holiday template.

November 2022 Calendar Template

November 2022 Calendar Template


Calendar for November 2022

Calendar for November 2022



Though all the children are provided an academic calendar from their schools, they want a separate Cute November 2022 Calendar for personal or social plans and activities. Some students use a timeline to copy all the academic schedules that also have extra curriculum activities. Then they note entire things like holiday plans, programs for studies, and fun activities. Now comes the home-makers. They are the ones who have to record the most stuff. They bear the responsibilities of diet, health, studies, clothing, comfort, cleanliness, and entertainment. Therefore, they need November Calendar 2022 Printable that gives more free space. I think the factory workers have the most similar schedule for every week. They need not note much about their program. Hence the November 2022 Printable Calendar will be ideal for them.

November 2022 Printable Calendar

November 2022 Printable Calendar


Printable November 2022 Calendar

Printable November 2022 Calendar




  • Jubal was a Virginia lawyer who became a confederate general during the American Civil War.
  • Born: Franklin County, Virginia, United States on November 3, 1816.
  • Political Career: He received a commission as a second lieutenant in the US Artillery regiment. Received a commission as a Major with the 1st Virginia Volunteers during the Mexican-American War, was assigned to logistics, as inspector general on the brigade’s staff, and was promoted to Major General on January 17, 1863.


  • Robert Devereux was the son of Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex, and stepson of Earl of Leicester.
  • Born: Bromyard, Herefordshire, the Kingdom of England, on November 10, 1565.
  • Political Ideology: Monarchy.
  • Political Career: He inherited the title of Earl of Essex upon his father’s death. He served as a cavalry officer against the Spanish in the Netherlands. He was sent on a mission to Ireland to defeat the rebels, but he entered an unfavorable truce, and the ceasefire subsequently resulted in his execution on charges of treason.


  • Susan Rice is an American diplomat and former public official.
  • Born: Washington, DC, USA on November 17, 1964.
  • Political Ideology: Democratic.
  • Political Career: 12th Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (October 1997 – January 2001), 27th the United States Ambassador t the United Nations (January 2009 – June 2013), and 24th United States National Security Advisor (July 2013 – January 2017).


  • Liu was a Chinese revolutionary and politician who served as the President in the last decade of his life.
  • Born: Huaminglou, Changsha, China, on November 24, 1898.
  • Political Ideology: Communist.
  • Political Career: He was an active member of the Chinese labor movement. He served as the NPC chairman in the 1950s and was also the first vice-chairman of the CPC (Communist Party of China). He served as the President of the People’s Republic of China (1959-68).


  • William Tubman was a Liberian politician who served as the President of Liberia.
  • Born: Harper, Liberia, on November 29, 1895.
  • Political Career: He studied for his law degree and passed the Bar exam. His law profession provided him a springboard to get into the world of politics. In 1944 he became Liberia’s 19th president and ushered in Liberia’s economic Gloden Age.



  • Zayed bin Sultan was the first presidency of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Birth Sign: Taurus.
  • Political Career: He was appointed the governor of the Eastern region of Abu Dhabi in 1946. On August 6, 1966, he deposed Shakhbut in a bloodless palace coup. In 1971, the United Arab Emirates was formed, and Sayed was appointed to the UAE’s presidency. He was reappointed on four more occasions: 1976, 1981, 1986, and 1991.
  • Died: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on November 2, 2004.


  • He was an army officer who became the first President of Pakistan.
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio.
  • Political Career: He played a role in a committee responsible for dividing British India’s Air Force, Army, and Navy into the future militaries of Pakistan and India. He was appointed the first Defence Secretary. In 1950 he was upgraded as Major-General in the Pakistan Army. In 1951, he was appointed as the director of the Department of Kashmir & Afghanistan Affairs (DKA). In 1956 he was appointed as the first President of Pakistan.
  • Died: on November 12, 1969.


  • Abba Eban was a scholar of the Hebrew and Arabic languages and an Israeli diplomat and politician.
  • Birth Sign: Aquarius.
  • Political Career: He was elected to the Knesset as a member of Mapai in 1959. He served as Israel’s Foreign Minister from 1966 t0 1974. Eban chose to serve as Chair of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee (1984-88).
    Died: on November 17, 2002.


  • Thomas Kuchel served in both the state and the national political arena.
  • Birth Sign: Leo.
  • Political Career: He served in California State Assembly (1937 – 41), in the California State Senate (1941 – 45), and as California State Controller (1946 – 53). He was elected US Senator from California. He was appointed Senate Republican Whip (1959 – 69).
  • Died: Beverly Hills, California, US on November 21, 1994.


  • Henry B Gonzalez was an American Democratic politician from Texas.
  • Birth Sign: Taurus.
  • Political Career: He served the San Antonio City Council (1953 – 56). He won a seat in the Texas Senate in 1960. In 1961 he entered the special election for the San Antonio-based district and won it. In 1997, Henry fell ill and was unable to return to the House for over a year.
  • Died: San Antonio, Texas, US on November 28, 2000.


We aim to make people more responsible, punctual, and productive. If you apply the tips and tricks with a lot of concentration, the November 2022 Calendar With Holidays will be the most fruitful template for the second last month of the year. Here you will also get the timetable for the next six months. The staff would help to save your time and effort. The politicians’ life and political career will be a great source of inspiration for your little ones. You can also share the Floral November 2022 Calendar with your colleagues and friends.

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